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    Our vision is to march men back in to the Kingdom of God as mighty men, godly men. We are connected to a mission in the city of Manaus, Brazil, and to churches in the Midwestern US. Our training is to give us credibility when we bring the Gospel to young men who come off the streets into wrestling academies run by mighty, godly men there. Our training is to produce mighty, godly husbands and fathers and brothers here. Please pray for us to have ears to hear & eyes to see how God would lead us! And please, let me know what you think.

  • p>Boys & girls, fear only God and you will fear nothing else (Romans 8:38,39)
    Men & women, fear only God and you will fear no man (Matthew 10:28)
    Christians, fear only God and you will fear no enemy of His (Revelation 12:11)
    Warriors, fear only God and His enemies will fear only you (Deuteronomy 2:25)
    Then, love only God (1John 4:18)
    For to him who loves most, fear matters least. Because the greatest lovers make the best warriors — not necessarily the other way around. (John 15:13)
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  • Useful Subjects

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    p>A subject is someone who submits himself to an authority. The distinction of subjects of the Kingdom of God is that they do this willingly, freely. In this section of my rough outline on Philemon, we find out if it works for Onesimus, the prodigal subject. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Useful Fellowship

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    Of what kind of groups are you a member? Are any of them effective at accomplishing anything significant? Are any of them useful to God, someone else, or even to you? Are any of them profitable for the Lord? Here is some more of my rough outline on the subject.
    In the first seven verses of Philemon, Paul addresses and affirms the people and the process of this useful fellowship in Colossae. Paul is most likely chained to a praetorian guard under house arrest in Rome, about a thousand miles away as the crow flies. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Mighty Useful

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    p>I have been lately consumed with the powerfully effective little note Paul & Timothy wrote to the church in Philemon’s house. My Tuesday night guys have been wrestling with the book of Philemon throughout this last semester as we have been learning the art & science of “personal Bible study” — that is, just you, your Bible, & the Holy Spirit sitting down & getting something out of it that feeds your heart, & using that to feed other hearts.

    I was supposed to share my presentation last Tuesday, but a blizzard dropped a foot & a half of snow. Only 12 of the guys showed up. So for those who live out of town without four wheel drive, here is my expanded version, in very rough outline form, over several posts, of Philemon. So grab your Bible, invite Holy Spirit, and enjoy the true success story of the prodigal slave, Onesimus, who eventually lived up to his name. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Steward Warriors

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    03 Dec 2009 /  Brazil

    This post is a report translated by Jon Eastlick from Ricardo on what is going on in his academy recently. We’d love to hear from our warrior brothers Chico, Luis, and Christiano about what is happening in their academies too! And from Pastor Fabio about REVID! It blesses my socks off! Keep up the Good Work my warrior brother! I love hearing how God is using you and I love your heart!

    From Jon: Ricardo was very grateful for our offering this last year. He used some of it for prizes and trophies for a Jiu Jitsu championship that was totally Christian in its theme — worship and praise music in the loudspeakers, opening the event in prayer, and they gave a word to the athletes. It was super cool!

    First time anything like this has been done that we know of! Radically out of the box! We hope to get some pictures soon to share with you all.

    From Ricardo with translation immediately following: EI PASTOR TO LEVANDO DIA 12 DE DEZENBRO PRO FRUTO FIEL DA IGREJA 2 ONIBUS COM TODOS OS MEUS ALUNOSTO MUITO FELIZ GRAÇAS A DEUS Read the rest of this entry »

  • Character Matters

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    26 Nov 2009 /  Quotables

    p>”Power, authority, and wisdom are either worthless or ruthless without integrity.
    Character matters.”   — Ethan Johnson

  • Off-Roading

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    14 Oct 2009 /  Home Front

    p>Mom Sibs 01Off-roading never felt so good! Kath drove back from Florida with Andrew in June, while I was in Brazil. Then Kath and I logged 4,000 miles on the car in August, driving out to New York for the Ring Ball/Niagara Falls/Raquet/Chicago Tour. Then in September, I put another 2,000 miles on the RAV4 going to Missouri for my mom’s 80th birthday party. I’m ready to disconnect the battery cables from the car, put it up on blocks, and get back on mission in Platteville! Read the rest of this entry »

  • Chico’s Revenge

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    19 Jul 2009 /  Brazil, Mission

    In the post about Mimi, I mentioned that God would get even with me. In this post you will see how God, and Chico, got even with me for my follies. Read the rest of this entry »

  • 19 Jul 2009 /  Brazil, Mission

    We were sad that we were unable to see Luis Neto this year. His administrative duties have significantly increased after winning the world championships and becoming the president of the Amazonas state wrestling federation. However, we were very glad to connect with his brother, Christiano, during one of their training sessions at their university academy. And he was very sad that Matt Eastlick was not able to make it to Manaus this year, but we assured him that Matt was in serious training, that he has a new training partner, and is stronger than ever because of her! They all can’t wait to meet this Erica lady! Read the rest of this entry »