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    DJJ Final Exam, December, 2014

    Here are the notes I used for a couple talks I gave on the subject of honor to our Discipleship Jiu Jitsu people — much more could be said. Hopefully these few ideas will raise some better questions. More than that, I hope they will inspire more honorable men & women living in this dishonorable world. Read the rest of this entry »
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    2011 12 Pt Loma 04Some of the ironies of freedom include, but are not limited to:

    The default setting on this planet is not freedom; rather it is slavery. (If you don’t believe me, just spend a¬†sobering 15 minutes looking into the current extent of human trafficking.)

    Those who desire freedom, must fight to gain it. Those who have it must fight to keep it.

    Those who enjoy freedom must spread it to prevent those who hate freedom from destroying it.

    Freedom is extended by invitation, not by imposition.

    It is far easier to lose freedom than it is to keep it — simply do nothing with it.

    It is easy to take freedom from someone who doesn’t care about it.

    The easiest way to lose the most freedom, and the greatest irony of all, is when good people surrender their freedom without a thought, a word, or a fight, only to find that they are now the least free — or worse, find that they are becoming bad people.

    Good people extend the boundaries of freedom gladly; in contrast, bad people shrink them with contempt.

    2011 04 Mike FireFreedom does not mean living without a ruler; rather, it is the ability to choose your own ruler without any coercion or deception.

    The best rulers impose their will on their subjects the least.

    Freedom for those you love is one of the things that is worth the sacrifice of your life. If it comes to that, though you will not enjoy with them the freedom you purchased, it will be difficult for them to forget the cost. Hopefully they will honor your life with the choices they freely make.

    In honor of those who have paid dearly for what I enjoy greatly and fight to spread daily!

    Want some?

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    Congrats, men, on completing your semester commitment to the DJJ (Discipleship Jiu Jitsu) mission, to progress in the physical training, and to your spiritual development! Now for your final exam: On Tuesday evening, May 13, 2014, the DJJ final exam will test your physical and mental capacity to do something totally new and different — as far as I know, Dodgeball Jiu Jitsu is just that! For those who could not take the test, see if you can figure out the rules — yes, there were rules — but not many.


  • 2013 6 13 54

    I recently tried to describe our wrestling mission to the Optimists Club in Platteville, WI, and realized again how hard it is to convey the complex and powerful impact of this seemingly-simple form of discipleship. We wrestle to rescue boys out of addictions and to train them up, both in Manaus, Brazil and Platteville, Wisconsin. By the age of 10, most children in Manaus are addicted to some form of cocaine. In five years, one third of those children will be dead from overdose or violence. The magnitude of the drug problem in Brazil is illustrated by the fact that more drugs are confiscated in one major city in Brazil in one month than all the drugs confiscated in the entire U.S. in one year. Mind blowing!

    We may not have as much drug influence, but how many of you have sons? What are your strategies for raising boys to become men? What does every boy need to know to become a man? Does it matter from whom he hears those things? In just this last year, strange and surprising things have happened that are shocking and shaping my strategies to accomplish this daunting task of training boys into mighty men.

    Read the rest of this entry »

  • Fish Tales

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    October 25, 2012 /  Bible Study, DiscGuys, Mission

    Last Sunday morning I spoke on Matthew 4:17-25, where Jesus calls Simon, Andrew, James, and John, to follow Him. He says that He will make them “fishers of men.” Strong words from a carpenter. Why did Jesus choose these guys? Why did they “immediately” leave to follow Jesus? Where did they go? What did they do with Him? Give a listen & let me know your thoughts, or better yet, tell me some great fishin’ stories!
    Fish Tales

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    Josh Nigl went on our Brazil trip in June, 2012, and sent out this debriefing of his experience that I thought would be of interest. Thanks, Josh!

    At the Mixing of the Waters, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

    At the Mixing of the Waters, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

    Well, it has been a few months since the Brazil trip. I think enough time has passed for me to produce a decent summary of the experience, so here it goes.

    PRE-TRIP: I have been in a Jiu Jitsu Bible study group since September 2011. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Strong Words

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    September 20, 2012 /  DiscGuys, Mission, Quotables

    Few men can articulate clearly what they believe. Very few earn the right to say it even in private settings. But the elite handful who should be asked, & are asked, to say exactly what they believe, in the public arena, need to be very careful what they say. For there really are men who would become mighty men by the realignment of their beliefs to the humbly spoken words of one mighty man.

  • Another Man’s War

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    August 21, 2012 /  Mission

    p>Amazing book! Highly recommended reading about one of today’s true mighty men! Sam Childers is using his God given strength and calling to rescue children in Southern Sudan and Uganda from the worst suffering I’ve ever heard of on earth. Another Man’s War is a gripping true story that is still unfolding. Be warned — you may not be able to read such a book and not play a part in his ongoing rescue mission.

    For more inspiration: http://www.machinegunpreacher.org/

  • July 24, 2012 /  Brazil, DiscGuys, Mission, Reflect & Perfect
    BJJ Lesson from Christiano Ribeiro

    BJJ Lesson from Christiano Ribeiro, July 2008, Manaus, Brazil


    Manaus, Brazil.  Summer 2008 to present.
    Mission trip.
    Brazilian Jiujitsu.
    Support local BJJ clubs and learn submission techniques.
    Backgroung for Manaus… drugs, gangs, prostitution.
    BJJ… a means to get kids off the street.
    Get involved in something with value that is bigger than themselves.
    Teach the meaning of life, as the Father intended.
    Serve Him faithfully and go to church.
    Honor your father and mother.
    Go to school.
    This is what’s required to be in Ricardo’s club.

    A mission trip to give resources.
    A mission trip to receive and learn ideas for helping and serving others.
    Developing a reciprocal relationship.
    No one time deal.
    Not just giving, Not just receiving, But Give and Receive!
    Year after year of reciprocity.
    Platteville, WI and Manaus, Brazil working together.
    How does BJJ relate to life in WI?
    Teaching men, training them to be real men, men of God

    Love God and serve Him.
    Love your wife like Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.
    Love your children and teach them to be wise in the ways of the Lord.
    Have a job and work hard at it.
    Serve in your church.

    Love God and serve Him.
    Get a job and work hard.
    Find a church and serve.
    Keep your hands to yourself and your pants on!
    Honor women, they are another man’s daughter and most importantly, God’s daughter!

    In Platteville…learn and do all these things while reading the Bible and practicing BJJ
    Truly learning the art of submission,
    Submission to God,
    Taping out to Jesus!

    Matt Eastlick, Educator, Coach, Submissionary

  • Show Up & Keep Up

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    July 21, 2012 /  Mission, Reflect & Perfect
    Acts 1:8 in Action

    Acts 1:8 in Action

    So much of the Kingdom of God is about simply showing up where it is not. The rest is keeping up — keeping up with the King. Neither is easy, but showing up is a little easier than keeping up. Showing up is about timing and risk, but keeping up is about training and fighting. Until you show up, you are not opposed. Until you show up with the King bringing His Kingdom of Light, you are not yet dangerous — least of all to the kingdom of darkness. But when you do show up, you will be opposed. Then training and fighting will be required to keep up with the King. I strongly encourage you to submit to His training and fight only where He sends you. The effects are amazing!

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